A graduate of ULL, John Jordan spends his free time working towards a masters degree in cognitive disorders. While on breaks from school, John has spent time training and competing in the art of jiu jitsu all over the world (destinations including NYC, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Japan).

John’s goal is to distill his knowledge from around the world to improve the lives of his community, starting with the children who need it the most. John’s dream is to become a speech pathologist, another tool in his tool-chest to empower children who may be targets for bullies in the real world. A larger goal of John’s is to become certified in American Sign Language to help those who would like to learn jiu jitsu but have hearing impairments.

Cortney Meyers completed the extensive instructor certification program at the Gracie University in 2016  and is proud to own and operate the only certified training center in Louisiana. He enjoys teaching using the same techniques and teaching methodologies that Grand Master Helio developed and are used at the Gracie University in Carson California. Cortney’s philosophy is simple he is trying to change people’s lives one Jiujitsu class at a time.

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